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Fiercely independent Singer/Songwriter with five albums released plus two single releases since May, 2005.
I would like to thank my fan base, by giving them intimate access to everything I release both in the past, present and future with this subscription service. You will also as a subscriber receive free show tickets in your city or country during tours. I will also be adding merch to this option, with T-Shirts, Beanies, and Pins for the next album release, Exit Wounds. ALL subscribers will receive a 15% discount on all merch in the future. The discount only is in place for subscribers. You will receive 'Vultures', my latest single, for free upon subscribing. Thank you all for your support since the beginning, I will see you all soon!

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Peter Kasen
Exit Wounds Released 1.1.2019.
Aug, Sep, Oct. 2019
Nov.- Jan. 2020

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